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March 15, 2012 - by IBM

Business Challenge

Customer feedback is the lifeline of business growth and provides the competitive advantage all companies seek. To stay ahead of the pack , it’s necessary to be responsive to your client base. You must listen to your customer’s true voice.

Unfortunately, that voice is often buried in mounds of content: surveys, call center logs, customer care applications, emails, chat sessions, web form collection reports, product review websites and social media forums. Organizations may be capturing and archiving this information, but are they truly leveraging it? Most organizations simply don’t have the time or resources to devote to the manual tagging of data, so valuable information remains untapped.


Mindshare’s Text Analytics Suite, powered by IBM Content Analytics, mines and analyzes information from both structured data (surveys, customer satisfaction ratings) and unstructured data (open-ended comments), and then organizes the results by the frequency with which a term occurs, as well as its correlation to dynamic filters and criteria. It does this in real time with no need batch processing.

What the 9-year-old company does is provide almost instant customer and employee feedback to businesses, which include Comcast, McDonald's, Great Clips, Firestone, Arby's and Hertz, and locally, Cafe Rio, Costa Vida and Gastronomy.

There are three main components to the solution:

Mindshare Explore™ extracts key phrases and sentiments from customer comments. For example, it can identify frequently mentioned topics like “helpful employees,” “soggy French fries,” or “waited 20 minutes.

Mindshare Discover™ combines the information gleaned from both structured and unstructured data to gain previously unknown insights about your operations. For example, it can reveal that low customer satisfaction is correlated with employee cell phone use.

Mindshare Monitor™ tracks trends in customer comments based on pre-determined industry specific categories. For example: the phrase “waited 20 minutes” would be tagged in the “speed of service” category and added to a trend report.

Value Proposition

Companies can improve their operations by seeking out and understanding root causes for employee and/or customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Custom rule sets are adaptable to your specific industry, culture, goals, products, and services so you can apply your findings to a wide range of businesses areas, including:

  • Increasing the effectiveness of customer service processes
  • Gaining understanding of existing clients to uncover areas for cross-sell or up-sell
  • Improve case management decisions, reduce legal risk and meet compliance standards
  • Proactively addressing escalating issues (instant alerts will notify you of critical situations, by identifying key phrases like “slipped and fell”)

Company Description

Mindshare Technologies is a global industry leader in comprehensive enterprise feedback management (EFM) solutions. Its proprietary survey technology captures the voice of the customer in real time and transforms it into actionable intelligence through powerful and decisive reporting. Mindshare serves over 25 industries, including travel, hospitality, restaurant, financial, automotive, and retail.

About Mindshare Technologies

Mindshare Technologies is the largest provider of cloud-based VoC solutions for the food services, retail and contact center industries. Using a proprietary customer review platform, Mindshare collects feedback in real time to help companies retain customers and increase profits. As a full-service partner, Mindshare provides tactical instruction, strategic guidance and customer experience consulting to global brands and multi-unit operators.

For information, visit www.mshare.net.

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