Waste not. Want not.

With the Mindshare VoC Text Analytics Suite, no feedback goes to waste. Every word, phrase, and theme within every customer comment is weighed for business implication, crosschecked with existing intelligence, and applied to your tailored company initiatives. This sub-second process produces more real-time business insights than any other Voice of Customer (VoC) management method—and because it runs on open-ended commentary, you can explore the entire customer experience using shorter, more customer-friendly surveys. This is the stuff of the future.

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VoC Text Analytics Diagram

Multilingual Reporting


More than seven world languages are supported by our growing library

Industry-specific Language


The only VoC text analytics tool with multiple indexes based on different business vernaculars

IBM Partnership


The only VoC text analytics tool featuring IBM’s content analytics software with natural language processing


Integrated with Mindshare Speech-to-Text™ to analyze speech, as well as text

Text Analytics Triple Threat


Three synchronized analytic components work together to produce incredibly detailed real-time analysis

Truer insights

Clearer root causes

Simpler solutions
mindshare monitor™
  • Automatically classify comments into service-specific categories for easy tracking and training
  • Track and analyze Voice of the Customer comments individually as well as in batches
  • Receive instant notifications when key phrases are identified in comments
  • Follow trends in all your categories over time
mindshare discover™
  • True root cause analysis determines why low satisfaction scores are low and high scores are high
  • Open-ended Voice of the Customer comments are correlated with customer satisfaction scores to multiply the number of insights
  • Find insights no one ever thought to look for, and apply them to make a good customer experience a great one
mindshare explore™
  • Extract the most relevant themes from the customer conversation
  • Sort comments by sentiment (positive, negative, neutral)
  • Drill down to see actual customer comments and reviews
  • View customer satisfaction topics by frequency