One Way or Another

To get an accurate representation of your customers, you need to hear from as many of them as possible: the quiet ones and the loud ones, the old ones and the new ones. To get an accurate representation of their experience, you need to offer customer satisfaction surveys as close to the point of service as possible: the more integrated the invitation, the less invasive the experience. Get authentic customer insights by offering the Feedback Channels that match your customers’ preferences.

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Invitation Methods

Use every available avenue to invite customers to leave feedback

receipt invitation


Every store purchase should end with an invitation to share feedback—printed right on the receipt. Encourage customers to take a survey on their mobile phone, home phone, or computer.

email invitation


Customers who have opted in to your mailing list should be invited to take their customer experience survey by mobile phone, home phone, or computer.

text message invitation

text message

The best way to use an SMS list for your VoC is to send a text message that links directly to a mobile phone survey or that allows an SMS survey response. You can also give options for a phone or computer survey.

social media invitation

social media

Invite customers on social media sites to link over to an online computer survey as first choice, but it always helps to offer a telephone survey as well.

Outbound Dial invitation

outbound dial

Mindshare's proprietary outbound dial system is an incredibly cost-effective means for inviting phone customers to take a follow-up IVR telephone survey.

website invitation


Your corporate website is a natural destination for customers with something to say. Give them a link to an online customer feedback survey or comment box, as well as a phone number to call.

QR Code invitation

qr code

With smartphones becoming more and more common every day, QR codes have become an excellent gateway to a mobile customer survey. Place codes on any of your branded print materials to capture feedback from the mobile customer crowd.

Invitation on Signage


Eye-catching in-store print materials can draw attention to feedback channels, as well as the incentives you offer for sharing. Print a QR code directly on printed visuals, or print a memorable survey link or phone number to call.

SMS invitation

sms messaging

Like a live text conversation, customers may text a response to an SMS customer feedback survey invitation and receive additional survey questions as prompted by their answers.

Collection Channels

Employ multiple mediums to collect more customer feedback

telephone invitation


IVR is a touch-tone phone feedback channel featuring an automated voice that guides customers through the survey process. Customers leave feedback by pressing buttons on their phones, as well as by leaving voice comments.

desktop browser invitation

desktop browser

Desktop browsers are the gateway feedback channel for online customer satisfaction surveys. Customers select their response to a set of visually presented survey questions. For retail businesses, in-store kiosks with integrated desktop computers allow customers to leave feedback whether or not they have made a purchase.

mobile browser invitation

mobile browser

Mobile browsers have turned smartphones into a convenient channel for leaving feedback through a visual, online interface. For retail businesses, in-store tablets with online connectivity allow customers to leave feedback on-site whether or not they've made a purchase.