Never Turn Over Your Talent

You don’t know your business until you understand your employees. Measuring Employee Satisfaction helps you meet the individuals responsible for delivering your service, your products, your brand, and your experience to the consumer public. Recognize valuable employee behaviors, and the employees who exhibit them, so you can reward and retain top talent, reduce employee turnover, and train according to verified best practices.

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Full-Circle Perspective

See your operations from all sides of the service experience

Employee satisfaction metrics and customer satisfaction metrics can be viewed together in Mindshare’s integrated platform

Leadership Dashboard

Give human resources and employee managers the tools to track employee satisfaction and take productive action

  • ESI Index

  • See the average or weighted average of employee satisfaction scores

  • Score Grouping

  • Arrange and group different measurement scores for further insight into what drives overall employee satisfaction

  • Trend Chart

  • Track your scores as they trend over time to monitor improvement and seasonal needs

Employee Engagement Dashboard
Engagement Metrics

The right questions will identify and measure the cultural attributes that add value to your company

All you have to do is ask

Third-Party Anonymity

Identity protection encourages honest responses

Reduces legal risk by meeting compliance standards